No matter what time of year you’re looking forward to a well-earned getaway, Quechee, Vermont has something special for travelers from across the map to enjoy. This scenic and inviting destination is loved by outdoor enthusiasts and those with a passion for charming in-town entertainment alike. While summer comes with plenty of access to outdoor fun, a winter getaway this direction can put you right in the heart of a time of year filled with festivals and gatherings. If you happen to be headed to Quechee this winter, you’ll be well within reach of the Wassail Weekend hosted in nearby Woodstock, which promises to be a highlight of your journey!

Wassail Weekend 2021 at Billings Farm and Museum

Just over 8 miles from Quechee, Woodstock is a wonderful place to explore and is also home to the annual Wassail Weekend hosted at Billings Farm & Museum. Just a quick walk from the center of Woodstock, the Billings Farm & Museum is a much loved and highly regarded outdoor history center. Billings Farm & Museum is a fully operational Jersey dairy farm that also hosts interactive programs, educational exhibits, and annual events like the Wassail Weekend festivities. It’s a family-friendly stop that comes to life with activities and added attractions for those who make their way this direction in December 2021.

Wassail Weekend Fun

In 2021, Wassail Weekend at Billing Farm & Museum will be held from December 10th through December 12th. Each day of Wassail Weekend is packed with family-friendly fun that’s sure to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and interests. The festival is open to the public daily starting at 10:00 am and running until 4:00 pm.

During Wassail Weekend, participants will enjoy access to all types of fun, seasonal activities. Holiday cooking demonstrations are abundant at this event, giving guests all types of inspiring ideas for what to serve up when their own families head home to celebrate. From gingerbread ornaments to full holiday meals, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking notes during these savory experiences.

If you’re dropping by with little ones, be sure to check the lineup of events so you don’t miss a holiday story time. These captivating tales are told by talented storytellers who have a way of capturing the spirit of the holiday season through words and expression.

When you can’t wait to decorate for the holidays and illuminating your home is a part of that process, Wassail Weekend is the perfect place to learn more about candle dipping. Not only will you pick up a new skill, but you’ll walk away from these lessons with great candle souvenirs too.

Delicious treats are readily available for the duration of Wassail Weekend, but it stands to reason that one of the mouthwatering highlights of this event is the opportunity to enjoy a warm cup of Wassail in good company. When this beverage is paired with a cider donut or two—all the better! When guests have had their fill of cider and donuts, they can drop by the fully decorated farmhouse parlor and get a close-up look at what an authentic Victorian Christmas might have looked like. It’s a step into the past that incorporates some rich history into your holiday activities.

Those guests who stop by Wassail Weekend on Sunday, December 12, 2021, are in for a particularly exciting moment. Horse-drawn wagon and sleigh rides will be hosted this day of the festival as long as conditions permit safe passage. Bundle up in a sleigh alongside those you love most and enjoy a one-of-a-kind ride that promises to please!

Additional Farm and Museum Activities to Enjoy

While all of the Wassail Weekend festivities are bound to be enjoyable, guests can also spend time making the most of the fun activities that are part of a visit to Billings Farm & Museum on a daily basis too. Swing by the on-site theater and take time to watch A Place in the Land. This 32-minute film covers the history of the farm and museum as well as the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park. The film takes the audience on a trip back in time nearly 150 years to highlight the importance of conservation stewardship in America.

Wassail Weekend participants can also take time to enjoy the farm itself. Established in 1871, this 270-acre farm has long been dedicated to agricultural practices revolving around responsible land use, sustainability, and efficiency. It’s well worth touring while you’re here!

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