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Travelers that entertain longings to continuously explore new destinations will often find that early summer is just the right time to pack their bags and hit the road or skies in pursuit of adventure. This time of year is tantalizingly mild in many places across the nation, and that includes Quechee, Vermont. The mountainous terrain and many waterways that wind their way through the landscape contribute to this being the ideal moment to make the most of a trip in this direction. Whether you’re someone who prefers to spend time indoors or can’t wait to savor every second in the fresh air, there are so many places to explore and things to do in Quechee that are sure to inspire you!

Rent a Bike and Hit the Trails

Before mid-summer heat sets in, early summer in Quechee is a great time to rent a bike and hit one or more of the many trails that are loved in this area. We are proud to work with Hanover Adventure Tours, who can provide you with E-bike rentals and even deliver straight to your rental property! The Village of Woodstock and White River Junction are just a short ride away by E-bike and make for great spots to explore.

The Quechee Club is particularly notorious for its maze of trails that are designed for exploration. If you’re looking to take your adventure from a few hours and extend it through the day, consider starting on one of the trails that link Quechee to nearby Woodstock and make even more of the fun! Most of the bike trails in this region are dual-purpose and shared between cyclists, walkers, and runners. In many cases, dogs are more than welcome on the trails as well as long as they remain leashed.

In the event your early summer adventure comes with some unexpected rainfall making terrain less than ideal, biking is still an option! The Woodstock Nordic Center is proud to provide guests with fat bike rentals that are designed for tricky terrain and can help you get signed up with a guided tour if you could use a bit of direction along the way.

Explore the Gorge

When capturing scenic views and making the most of amazing outdoor moments top your list of must-try adventure in Quechee, time at the iconic Quechee Gorge is sure to be a highlight of your trip. This natural landmark is pursued by visitors from near and far thanks to its impressive dimensions and sweeping vistas offered up freely. The Quechee Gorge sits along U.S. Route 4 and holds the title as the deepest gorge in the entire state of Vermont. At 165 feet deep, it’s an ever-popular attraction for those with hiking boots laced tight and cameras in hand!

There are trails that run along both sides of the gorge, offering plenty of options when it comes to customizing your trip this way. There are even routes that lead down into the gorge, putting you up close to the waters that run below. If you do make it down to the water, views of the bridge spanning the expanse are always inspiring. Set aside an afternoon if your exploration takes you in and around the gorge as you won’t want to miss the sights earned from a variety of angles and trails.

Visit the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

If you’re looking forward to visiting Quechee but want options for activities that take you between the indoors and outside, a stop at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a great choice. This nature and research center is open every day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm making it easy to fit into any itinerary. A visit here is an opportunity to get up close to local creatures and habitats that make this area so special. From raptor encounters to strolls along the Forest Canopy Walk, guests will make their way through indoor and outdoor exhibits that highlight the efforts being made to preserve nature’s best work. At this time, tickets are being requested to be purchased in advance in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines that benefit all guests.

Billings Farm and Museum

If history is more your thing, an early summer visit to nearby Billing Farm and Museum in Woodstock is sure to thrill. This working farm and museum brings the past to life through hands-on exhibits and demonstrations that span agriculture through the decades. The Billings Farm and Museum is currently open on Fridays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Established in 1871, the Billings Farm and Museum is a testament to this region’s rural past and an insightful stop for those looking to see how farming technology has progressed as well. Don’t forget to swing by the gift shop and pick up apparel or cheese produced right on-site!

Book Your Quechee Getaway Today

No matter what time of year you plan a visit, Quechee is worth exploring for yourself! When your early summer plans have you headed this way, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations is here to make sure you’re settled in just the right vacation rental. Reach out today to learn more and to start planning!

Quechee, Vermont is a charming and scenic destination to explore any time of year, but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s no place more romantic to enjoy with your loved one. This year, elevate the romantic experience by making plans to travel this way and enjoy the best of Quechee sights and flavors hand-in-hand! The following are just a few options of the many in Quechee to be sure to add to your Valentine’s Day itinerary. Be sure to explore the best things to do in Quechee!

Hike the Quechee Gorge

For couples that find their romantic stride with hiking boots laced up, ready to hit the trails, there’s no destination in Quechee quite like the Quechee Gorge. Known and loved as one of the most iconic natural landmarks this scenic destination hosts, couples that crave outdoor adventure will find plenty of reasons to bundle up, make their way down the gorge and enjoy spectacular and romantic February views. Bring your camera and your binoculars if you also enjoy bird watching as this lush landscape is the place to enjoy it all!

Tour the Quechee Historic Mill District

If history is what gets your heart beating this Valentine’s Day, a tour of the Quechee Historic Mill District hand-in-hand with the one you love most is bound to please. Added to the National Register of historic places in 1997, this area of Quechee is a good place to get a look at the architecture and vibe of what was once exclusively a mill town. As you stroll between Main Street, Quechee West Hartford Road, and Old Quechee Road, you’ll become a part of a place that first found its roots in 1760 and was a thriving industrial center all the way through the late 19th-century.

Make Your Way to Mount Tom

When stunning views are the epitome of a romantic escape, then you’ll want to travel to nearby Woodstock for a trek up to Mount Tom. This accessible summit stands at an elevation of only 1,357 feet, but provides sweeping views of the Vermont landscape that are truly breathtaking. Mount Tom is an integral part of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park so if you have time to spare, there are always additional options for fun waiting in the way of running, hiking, or skiing depending on your luck with snowfall this year.

Visit the Quechee Covered Bridge

Perhaps there’s nothing that embodies the idea of Vermont charm more than the Quechee covered bridge. A visit here makes for an ultra-romantic Valentine’s day stop and photo opportunity. The Quechee covered bridge is located on Waterman Hill Road at the intersection of Main Street and Route 4. Fully restored and rebuilt in 2011, the Quechee covered bridge stretches 85-feet long and is a two-way pedestrian bridge making it simple to stroll along and admire the dam and waterfall that run below. If you’re up for making it more of a romantic bridges tour, then consider traveling out of Quechee as a follow-up and making your way towards the Middle covered bridge in Woodstock or the Taftsville covered bridge—both of which promise to thrill!

Savor the Flavors of Putney Mountain Winery & Spirits

The Vermont landscape has long lent itself to ample fruit production, and so it comes as no surprise that the area is home to some well-loved wineries. If you and your loved one are looking for a place to settle in, enjoy each other’s company, and savor the local wine flavors, then the Putney Mountain Winery is the place to be. Putney Mountain Winery & Spirits has been a flavorful favorite in Quechee since opening in 1998 and the Quechee tasting room is open Friday through Sunday from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. The tasting room is located within the Cabot Cheese Store in Quechee Gorge Village providing visitors with the option to pair plates of delectable cheese with just the right red, white, or sparkling selection! Wines sampled at Putney Mountain Winery lean towards the unexpected with options to try glasses that feature the best of pear, blueberry, and even rhubarb! The on-site staff is ready and waiting to answer questions and make recommendations so you and your loved one can make the most of every savory moment.

Dine at The Mill at Simon Pearce

Situated at 1760 Quechee Main Street, The Mill at Simon Pearce is a fantastic choice when you’re ready to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner during your Valentine’s Day getaway. Currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm, The Mill at Simon Pearce offers up a delightful menu that’s rivaled only by its mill and waterfall views. Located on the banks of the Ottauquechee River, this restaurant requires a reservation to guarantee your place in the romantic dining room. Whether you go with the Vermont cheddar soup and ricotta gnocchi or enjoy the salmon and whitefish rillettes, your experience here promises to be as inviting as it is palate-pleasing.

Book Today and Find Many Fun Things to Do in Quechee

Whether you’re in town to enjoy a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day or can’t wait to explore Quechee any other time of year, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations has the accommodations you need to stay close to the fun and enjoy the comfort and luxury you deserve! Contact us today to learn more. Explore our 1-bedroom vacation rentals!

For travelers with a taste for outdoor adventure who can’t get enough of time in the open air and surrounded by lush scenery, there’s something truly wonderful about a trip to Quechee, Vermont. This scenic and appealing vacation destination is a year-round favorite amongst those who like to balance their downhill skiing adventures in the winter with time under the sun in the summer hiking and exploring their way through the versatile landscape. As welcoming as it is intriguing, Quechee has a way of balancing out small-town charm with the wonders of nature in abundance. This year, when you’re trying to decide on that one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift, consider surprising dad with an amazing getaway to Quechee, Vermont! Whether he’s the type to take the water in hopes of reeling in the next big catch, or a man on a mission to connect with art and history, Quechee promises to be a place where you can find the best of it all. Here are a few ideas for things to do in Quechee VT for your Father’s Day celebration truly unforgettable this year.

Visit Route 4 Glass Blowing Studio

If yours is a dad with a passion for all things creative who is always up for learning a new skill, heading over to the Route 4 Glass Blowing Studio during your Father’s Day visit is bound to be a highlight of the trip. There’s no charge to stop in and once you’ve arrived, guests can enjoy time observing the on-site team creating blown glass products from start to finish. Feel free to ask questions and look around as the final results and steps beforehand are equally mesmerizing. It’s a great place to pick up a hand-crafted Father’s Day gift as well and once you’re done inside, this establishment has a wonderful outdoor platform where you can observe a small waterfall that’s backed by a scenic covered bridge.

Enjoy River Roost Brewery

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dad and all the things he loves most in life. If your father is someone who enjoys taking time to savor local labels and brews, you’ll want to be sure to set aside time to visit River Roost Brewery in nearby White River Junction at 230 S. Main Street. This delightful brewery is locally owned and operated by Mark Babson who first brought this palate-pleasing concept to life in Vermont in 2016. Since then, River Roose Brewery has continued to grow in popularity amongst locals and out of towners alike, making it a must-enjoy destination no matter when you happen to be in town. Whether your dad prefers his beer in a can, bottle, or right from the tap, River Roost Brewery is happy to provide. From IPA’s to milk stout’s this brewery has a long list of options to choose from.

Hike the Quechee Gorge

For the dad who is a bonified outdoorsman, a hike through the Quechee Gorge is a must when you’re visiting for this very important holiday. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to spend an hour or two making your way down the impressive gorge where a river awaits and lush foliage lines the many paths. The Quechee Gorge is a fantastic option for those that like to combine their hiking adventures with photography sessions or enjoy making the most of bird-watching opportunities as well. Take time to have a picnic by the water before trekking back up the gorge once more.

Fish Dewey’s Mills Pond

Perhaps your dad would prefer to spend his special day on the water and if this is the case, an afternoon of fishing on historic Dewey’s Mills Pond is bound to inspire. This charming body of water is an ideal place to spend a tranquil afternoon casting a line or simply paddling your day away under the sun via kayak. Canoeing is another popular water sport on Dewey’s Mills Pond, providing visitors with plenty of options for on the water fun while they’re here.

Dine at Chef Brad’s CrazySide

After a day of Father’s Day fun, cater to that ever-growing appetite by swinging by Chef Brad’s CrazySide. This combo dine-in destinations and food truck is located at 1 Quechee Main Street. This savory stop is a favorite amongst those who are craving everything from hush puppies with coconut curry dipping sauce, chicken mango tacos, or jumbo softshell crab. Unique combinations and friendly service make this an easy place to return to a time or two. While the grilled salmon sandwich is always a treat, it’s hard to go wrong with the fish and chips.

Fun Things to Do in Quechee VT for the Father’s Day

Whether you find yourself in Quechee for Father’s Day, traditional vacation, or any other holiday in between, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations has you covered when it comes to booking ideal accommodations. Contact us today to learn more about our many property options in the area and how to reserve your home away from home to take your trip to the next level of excellence!

When the snow begins to fall in Vermont, Quechee is a well-known destination amongst those with a passion for downhill adventures. This off-the-beaten-path locale is loved for its options for slope-side fun, resorts, and thrills that cater to skiers of all ages and skill levels. However, when the summer rolls around, Quechee blossoms into a wonderland of outdoor adventure that revolves more around time spent in the water and under the sun. For those visitors that can’t get enough of time in the great outdoors, the many streams, rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls that dot the terrain make Quechee a place with plenty to see, experience and explore. When it’s time to put together that intriguing itinerary filled with water activities this year, consider this an inspiring starting point for many Quechee activities when you arrive!

The Vermont Fly Fishing School

The beauty of travel often lies in the fact that it’s an opportunity to vacate the stress of daily life, but also a chance to learn a new hobby or skill. When your travel plans bring you to Quechee, consider learning the art of fly fishing with the help of the experts at The Vermont Fly Fishing School. Book a day on the water alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will show you the ropes when it comes to gear, technique, and of course, the best spots in the water to reel in something fantastic! Even if you have a bit of fly fishing experience heading into this excursion, taking time to refine your skills is a great way to enjoy your hobby further.

For those that are looking for a more leisurely day on the water, The Vermont Fly Fishing School is also part of Wilderness Trails. Here, guests can easily rent a canoe or kayak for the day and enjoy time paddling independently or alongside a guide upon request. As you paddle down the White River, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for bald eagles who populate this area in abundance during certain times of the year. If you opt for the guided tour, your guide will be able to offer up insight into the history and geology of this area that makes it so unique!

Swim at Quechee State Park

Located at 6800 Woodstock Road off of US Route 4 is the infamous Quechee State Park. This iconic stop is home to the picturesque Quechee Gorge, which is often featured on postcards and is just as impressive to encounter in reality. Visitors that come this way often do so with the intention of witnessing this natural wonder of hiking their way through the gorge to make the most of stunning scenery. However, it’s also a wonderful swimming destination for those that know where to go. There are a few options for trails that lead from the rim to the bottom of the gorge and here, visitors will find a popular swimming hole, ideal for cooling off on a hot Vermont afternoon. While this scenic natural pool is sure to thrill, it’s important to note that it’s only a good idea on days when it hasn’t rained substantially the night before. Keeping safety top of mind is sure to make time at the Quechee Gorge swimming hole that much more successful!

Lake Pinneo or the Pool at The Quechee Club

Spending time on the water out in nature is great, but for some, water activities are best enjoyed in a pool and when this is the case, a stop at The Quechee Club is the way to go. Located at 3268 Main Street, The Quechee Club hosts a number of golf courses in combination with access to aquatic recreational activities. Guests to the Quechee Club can enjoy time swimming in either the indoor or outdoor pool on-site or can take advantage of the fact that this destination offers up access to pristine Lake Pinneo. The outdoor pool at The Quechee Club is dotted with loungers and umbrellas, perfect for those that prefer to sit poolside and work on a tan. Swim lessons are also available at the club upon request.

Admire the Quechee Gorge Waterfall

When it comes to impressive landmarks, the Quechee Gorge is decidedly an area best, but for those cascade chasers that can’t wait to find a picture-perfect moment, making your way to the Quechee Gorge Waterfall is sure to inspire. Bring your camera and take the railed trail down to the falls for a chance to enjoy the spray, rocks, and river below. This is a wonderful place to take photographs, enjoy a picnic, or simply relish in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Take Time to Unwind in Quechee Activities

Make your way to Quechee, Vermont this year and let the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations help you get settled into just the right home away from home during your trip. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your Vermont adventure!

There is a long list of reasons a traveler might make their way to Quechee, Vermont, but the breathtaking landscape often stands out as a highlight amongst them all. From its thrilling gorge and mountain peaks to rolling hills and rivers and lakes, Quechee has a way of combining some of nature’s finest work into a picturesque stop that includes a side of tranquility. While visitors that are looking for a charming city center to enjoy will definitely find what they’ve been searching for, the vast majority of guests are drawn this direction in the name of outdoor adventure. When you’re looking to make the most of the scenery and can’t wait to combine it with time in the fresh air, here are a few of the outdoor things to do near Quechee VT you just won’t want to miss out on the next time you find yourself in Quechee.

Visit Lake Pinneo

An afternoon visit to Lake Pinneo is bound to be an exciting moment no matter when you happen to arrive in Quechee. This picturesque destination is a great stop when you’re in the mood to take in the lake views from the beach and enjoy the surrounding mountains in good company. Those that are stopping here with little ones in tow will appreciate that this area also includes access to playgrounds when there’s energy to burn. A collection of picnic tables and grilling areas provides just the right space for an outdoor meal. Feel like getting out on the water? Lake Pinneo provides easy access to kayak, paddleboard, or canoe rentals that make spending time on the waves easier than ever.


One of the most iconic natural landmarks in all of Quechee is the infamous gorge. While this 160-foot deep destination is inspiring to view from afar, those that love to lace up their boots and hit the trails won’t want to miss out on the chance to explore the Quechee Gorge Trail for themselves while they’re in town. This trail is well-traveled nearly every season in Quechee and provides trekkers with an opportunity to enjoy a 2.7-mile out and back route that’s rated relatively easy. Because areas of the trail can be steep, it’s important to make sure you’re equipped with the right footwear. Be sure to also bring your camera along for this hike which promises some idyllic views along the way.


While hiking is a popular activity in scenic Quechee, biking is just as enjoyable thanks to the many paved and off-road routes that have been established through this area. Those that are looking to make the most of a longer route will enjoy the Quechee to Woodstock route that’s paved and provides a dynamic and versatile scene along the way. At just over 18 miles, this bike route climbs 676 feet and follows along the Ottauquechee River. Bikers will peddle their way past a collection of covered bridges on this route which is often referred to as the Bikewoodstock, before passing by the rolling greens of the Quechee Club Golf Course. The route continues through the Quechee Gorge and can end up in Woodstock if you’re willing to complete the route.


The Quechee Club is perhaps the area’s most notorious destination when it comes to spending your getaway on the greens. This club is home to two world-class courses that are as tempting to golf enthusiasts as they are challenging. Known as Lakeland and Highland, both courses have been delighting golfers since their design and construction in the 1970s. The combination of well-groomed and scenic courses provides a place where both avid and amateur golfers can enjoy time learning and perfecting their skills. Enjoying time at the clubhouse after a round of golf makes a stop at the Quechee Club even more inviting to guests.

Wilderness Trails and the Vermont Fishing School

While getting out on the water and exploring can be a fun, independent adventure, those that are looking for some guidance will find it and more at the Wilderness Trail and Vermont Fishing School. This family-run establishment is a great place to enjoy a guided kayaking trip, perfect whether you’re here as a couple or visiting with the entire family. Kayaking trips can be customized to be nothing more than a fun paddle, or can include instruction and fishing tips so you can reel in the next big catch of the day! As you explore the White River alongside your knowledgeable guide, you’re likely to spot an eagle or two depending on the season. This is a fantastic option for those that are looking to get outdoors but enjoy the comfort that comes from a seasoned guide showing them the way through the highlights.

Enjoy the Best Outdoor Activities on Your Quechee Adventure

There’s never been a better time to head to Quechee and enjoy a stay. When you’re ready to turn plans into reality, contact the team at Carefree Quechee Vacation to learn more about our many rental options and to start planning your next trip.


Quechee, Vermont has earned a wonderful reputation among travelers as a destination worth returning to time and again. While some fall in love with Quechee thanks to its spectacular terrain, others are drawn in by the wonderful sense of seclusion this charming destination provides. With options for shopping and dining balancing out wonderful opportunities for outdoor adventure, Quechee is a place that speaks to visitors who arrive with many different types of travel interests in mind. If your travel plans are bringing you this way in the summer months, there are plenty of fun Quechee VT things to do that you’ll want to add to your itinerary to elevate your experience from start to finish.

Capture the Beauty of the Quechee Gorge

Quechee is a place adorned with a variety of natural features that are sure to inspire but it’s hard to deny that the Quechee Gorge is a highlight of any summer trip this direction. The breathtaking views offered up at this landmark destination are only rivaled by the opportunity to jump in and hike the trail that takes you from top to bottom. At 160 feet deep, those looking to make their way to the water below will want to set aside plenty of time to do it. One of the most scenic routes down the gorge begins at the iconic bridge.

Visit the Vermont Antique Mall

There are plenty of options for outdoor fun in Quechee, but when you’re looking to pick up the perfect souvenir to remember your summer adventure by, take time to head over to the Vermont Antique Mall. A wide variety of booths dot this 17,000-square-foot establishment and features everything from jewelry and collectibles to furniture and apparel. Whether you’re an established antique enthusiast or just looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, this is a must-see summer stop while you’re in town.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The summer sunshine in Quechee makes ground-based activities appealing but nothing is as exciting as taking your trip to new heights and booking a hot air balloon ride to enjoy! The team at Balloons Over New England is happy to help guests book a customized trip into the sky to enjoy sweeping views of the Quechee landscape that promise to be unforgettable. Bring your camera as well as your sense of adventure for this thrilling Quechee summer excursion.

Visit the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

The many creatures that call Quechee home continue to prove to be just as intriguing as the landscape itself. For those summer travelers to Quechee with a heart for wildlife and learning, a stop at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science will be endlessly inspiring. The center hosts an impressive 47 acres of protected land where staff can educate the public on issues related to environmental conservation as well as run an avian rehabilitation program. Guests are invited to browse a collection of exhibits, classrooms, and enclosures or participate in organized nature walks and programs. The center is home to a variety of trails to be explored in addition to elevated boardwalks and viewing decks.

Photograph the Quechee Valley Bridge

If you’re traveling Route 4 to make your way to Quechee, you’ll enjoy the opportunity of coming face to face with one of the area’s most iconic structures known as the Quechee Valley Bridge. Located along Waterman Hill Road and crossing the Ottauquechee River, the Quechee Valley Bridge is considered the gateway to the village and is frequently photographed. This landmark is a roadway bridge but even if it isn’t used as your primary route to starting your vacation, it’s worth a visit. Bring a camera and enjoy a scenic afternoon stop that you’ll want to return to again soon!

Visit the Vermont Alpaca Store and Farm

It’s not every day that many people get the chance to pet an alpaca, but with a summer trip to Quechee, the possibility is always there. Take some time to unwind at the Vermont Alpaca Store and Farm and savor every moment spent amongst these amazing creatures! This fully-functioning farm offers wonderful tours and uses alpaca wool to create a variety of clothing and accessories. The gift shop at this destination is a great place to pick up a truly unique souvenir to remember your trip by.

Quechee VT Things to Do in Summer

No matter what time of year you arrive in Quechee, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations is here to help you get settled into the ideal home away from home for your stay. From cozy abodes to sprawling homes fit for a large group, you’ll find our impressive portfolio of options filled with wonderful choices to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our many properties in the area and to start planning your next incredible getaway to Quechee. We can’t wait to see you here.

When it comes to spectacular scenery and options for outdoor fun and adventure, Quechee, Vermont has a way with landscapes that’s sure to inspire. From downhill enthusiasts to those with a passion for lacing up their boots and hitting the trails, the terrain hosted in Quechee is sure to please. While the breathtaking gorge is always a highlight of a trip this direction, travelers have long set their sights on Quechee in the name of the covered bridges, museums, shops, and delicious dining as well. With so much fun waiting to be had, it can be difficult in these tumultuous times for travelers to keep their distance in the name of health and wellness. While travel to Quehee may be on hold, it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options for online entertainment available. Keep your mind engaged and your interest-levels peaked by taking a look at these resources until your Vermont travel plans can once again take top priority.

Vermont Art Online

Just because the outbreak of COVID-19 has closed the doors of the state’s museums to the general public doesn’t mean Vermont art is off-limits. In fact, those looking to make the most of a virtual tour or two can do so at all of the state’s most renowned art galleries and museums thanks to the new online platform Vermont Art Online. 360-degree tours are waiting to engage and enthrall visitors who could use a healthy dose of artistic inspiration in these uncertain times. This technology and platform were designed in the hopes that visitors would continue learning and appreciating art until museum doors open once more.

History View Tours

When getting out and about and seeing those incredible Vermont state landmarks up close isn’t possible, History View 360-degree virtual tours are a great alternative resource. This site is dedicated to capturing historical landmarks on a virtual platform for all to enjoy. From the Vermont State Capital to significant destinations across the globe, you’ll find yourself virtually traveling and learning at the same time without ever leaving home.

Virtual Quechee Club Tours

Just because travelers can’t make their way to Quechee doesn’t mean they can’t experience and discover one of the area’s highlight locations. Take a virtual journey through the Quechee Club at the touch of a button and enjoy a close up look at everything from the clubhouse and dining facilities to the club pro shop while you’re browsing!

Babbel Language Learning

Travel is all about new experiences that move us outside of our everyday lives and comfort levels. While moving from place to place is complicated in current conditions, taking time to travel through language is easier than ever! If you’re looking for an at-home activity that keeps your brain sharp and helps you learn a new skill, consider downloading the Babbel app for language learning. This budget-friendly learning platform breaks language learning down to its most basic, is extremely interactive and is highly motivating when it comes to practice options.

Live Musical Performances

The state of Vermont is filled with talented musicians who are used to entertaining crowds live. In the wake of COVID-19, many of these musicians are moving to online platforms where guests can regularly tune in and enjoy live performances from the comfort and safety of their homes. Joe Adler from Burlington is delighting fans and audiences on his Facebook page every Thursday evening at 7:30 pm. While the stage might not be as spacious, the sounds are just as inviting. Tune in for a weekly dose of music that’s sure to inspire!

YMCA 360

Those Vermont residents who generally take time to attend to their health and wellness by making their way to their local YMCA might be having a tough time with the transition to home workouts. Fortunately, YMCA locales across the nation, including Vermont’s many gyms, are turning to online platforms to keep their members moving and motivated during these challenging times. Members are invited to link up with YMCA 360 to access a variety of on-demand videos and workouts that are sure to keep you sweating and looking at the positive side of life no matter when you decided to do them.

Visiting Quechee Vermont in the Future

While these unprecedented times are challenging for us all, at Carefree Quechee Vacations, we’re anxiously awaiting the day we can welcome guests back to amazing getaways in Vermont. We’re passionate about Quechee and the opportunities that the area offers up travelers and can’t wait until visitors are out and about once more. For now, we’re encouraging everyone to stay safe, healthy, and home with the understanding that when the world is healthy again, we’ll be ready to help you have an amazing stay in Quechee! Feel free to contact us to learn more about any properties you might see online that peak your interest for future travel.

Travelers that are taken with spectacular views and are searching for destinations that offer up a plethora of fun when it comes to outdoor adventure are sure to be thrilled with a trip to Quechee, Vermont. The dynamic landscape this area offers up is some of New England’s finest and provides for versatile adventure in the great outdoors whether you’re one for golfing, Nordic skiing, hiking, biking or beyond. Situated only 30-45 minutes from popular ski areas in both Killington and Okemo, Quechee is a fan-favorite stop in the winter. However, for those that are looking for a place that’s as scenic as it is inviting in the springtime, spring in Vermont Quechee truly comes to life with the season. Pack your bags and get ready to head this way but before you do, be sure you’ve added the following spring activities to your itinerary to make the most of every moment of your stay.

Visit Quechee State Park

Springtime brings with it the blossoms of wildflowers, the emergence of leaves on the trees and wildlife that are just starting to wake up from winter as well. Enjoy the best of all three when you make Quechee State Park one of your stops during a springtime trip in this direction. Located off of US Route 4, Quechee State Park is home to the stunning and always impressive Quechee Gorge. This park is a popular place for visitors and locals alike to enjoy everything from hiking and biking to photography and wildlife spotting. If you’re in town with the entire family, the park is dotted with picnic tables ideal for an afternoon meal in the open air and also provides access to play areas for children.

Experience the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

When you’re looking for that spring trip stop that’s as engaging and educational as it is fun, setting aside time to enjoy the Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a must in Quechee. Located at 149 Natures Way, this natural science center is open to the public daily between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm and provides visitors with access to a variety of wildlife exhibits as well as a canopy walk and nature trails to be enjoyed. The goal of the Vermont Institute of Natural Science is to inspire and foster a love for wildlife in visitors as well as educate on the many conservation programs that are in place throughout the state. Be sure to check the calendar of events before you arrive as this location often features educational programs that are fun for the entire family.

Photograph Quechee Bridge

If you’re a visitor to Quechee with a passion for photography combined with an interest in pursuing historical sights, a visit to Quechee Bridge is sure to inspire. Quechee is home to a collection of restored covered bridges and this one sits near Waterman Hill Road. Overlooking the Ottaquechee River, it’s possible to drive across the bridge, but perhaps more satisfying to stroll along the walking paths and take in the sights at a more leisurely pace. This bridge provides some ideal angles for photographers and is well worth a visit when you’re in town for a springtime getaway.

Visit the Vermont Alpaca Store and Farm

For those that are in the mood to get up close with some incredible creatures, and perhaps pick up a souvenir or two along the way, a visit to the Vermont Alpaca Store and Farm is an absolute must. Situated at 5573 Woodstock Road, this alpaca farm is open to the public for tours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm daily. Access to the free of charge petting area provides guests with the opportunity to engage hands-on with 10 rescue alpacas that are thriving within the comforts of this fully-functioning farm. The souvenir shop on-site sells a variety of items that either celebrate alpacas or are made from their fine wool. Don’t be surprised if this is a stop that brings you back time and again.

Go Antiquing

When warmer weather rolls into town, antiquing is in full swing in Quechee and there’s no better place to do it than the Quechee Gorge Village Vermont Antique Mall. Situated off of US Route 4, this antique mall isn’t hard to spot with its bright red roofing tiles and a large sign on a sky-blue façade. Stop in and browse the ever-changing lineup of stocked antiques on-site. Because the aisles are rather narrow, this is a better stop for adults but if you do happen to be here with children, there’s a cheese shop just next door that offers up free samples daily!

Book Your Stay and Enjoy the Best Spring in Vermont Quechee Activities

When you’re ready to leave those memories of winter far behind and jump into spring with both eyes on the scenic horizon, making Quechee your vacation destination promises to be an amazing choice. When your travel plans bring you this way, be sure you’re partnered with the property professionals at Carefree Quechee Vacations to guarantee you’re settled in a rental home away from home that brings comfort, convenience, and style in equal measure. Contact us today to learn more about our many properties available in the area!