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When the snow begins to fall in Vermont, Quechee is a well-known destination amongst those with a passion for downhill adventures. This off-the-beaten-path locale is loved for its options for slope-side fun, resorts, and thrills that cater to skiers of all ages and skill levels. However, when the summer rolls around, Quechee blossoms into a wonderland of outdoor adventure that revolves more around time spent in the water and under the sun. For those visitors that can’t get enough of time in the great outdoors, the many streams, rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls that dot the terrain make Quechee a place with plenty to see, experience and explore. When it’s time to put together that intriguing itinerary filled with water activities this year, consider this an inspiring starting point for many Quechee activities when you arrive!

The Vermont Fly Fishing School

The beauty of travel often lies in the fact that it’s an opportunity to vacate the stress of daily life, but also a chance to learn a new hobby or skill. When your travel plans bring you to Quechee, consider learning the art of fly fishing with the help of the experts at The Vermont Fly Fishing School. Book a day on the water alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will show you the ropes when it comes to gear, technique, and of course, the best spots in the water to reel in something fantastic! Even if you have a bit of fly fishing experience heading into this excursion, taking time to refine your skills is a great way to enjoy your hobby further.

For those that are looking for a more leisurely day on the water, The Vermont Fly Fishing School is also part of Wilderness Trails. Here, guests can easily rent a canoe or kayak for the day and enjoy time paddling independently or alongside a guide upon request. As you paddle down the White River, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for bald eagles who populate this area in abundance during certain times of the year. If you opt for the guided tour, your guide will be able to offer up insight into the history and geology of this area that makes it so unique!

Swim at Quechee State Park

Located at 6800 Woodstock Road off of US Route 4 is the infamous Quechee State Park. This iconic stop is home to the picturesque Quechee Gorge, which is often featured on postcards and is just as impressive to encounter in reality. Visitors that come this way often do so with the intention of witnessing this natural wonder of hiking their way through the gorge to make the most of stunning scenery. However, it’s also a wonderful swimming destination for those that know where to go. There are a few options for trails that lead from the rim to the bottom of the gorge and here, visitors will find a popular swimming hole, ideal for cooling off on a hot Vermont afternoon. While this scenic natural pool is sure to thrill, it’s important to note that it’s only a good idea on days when it hasn’t rained substantially the night before. Keeping safety top of mind is sure to make time at the Quechee Gorge swimming hole that much more successful!

Lake Pinneo or the Pool at The Quechee Club

Spending time on the water out in nature is great, but for some, water activities are best enjoyed in a pool and when this is the case, a stop at The Quechee Club is the way to go. Located at 3268 Main Street, The Quechee Club hosts a number of golf courses in combination with access to aquatic recreational activities. Guests to the Quechee Club can enjoy time swimming in either the indoor or outdoor pool on-site or can take advantage of the fact that this destination offers up access to pristine Lake Pinneo. The outdoor pool at The Quechee Club is dotted with loungers and umbrellas, perfect for those that prefer to sit poolside and work on a tan. Swim lessons are also available at the club upon request.

Admire the Quechee Gorge Waterfall

When it comes to impressive landmarks, the Quechee Gorge is decidedly an area best, but for those cascade chasers that can’t wait to find a picture-perfect moment, making your way to the Quechee Gorge Waterfall is sure to inspire. Bring your camera and take the railed trail down to the falls for a chance to enjoy the spray, rocks, and river below. This is a wonderful place to take photographs, enjoy a picnic, or simply relish in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Take Time to Unwind in Quechee Activities

Make your way to Quechee, Vermont this year and let the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations help you get settled into just the right home away from home during your trip. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your Vermont adventure!