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For travelers that are looking to pair impeccable landscapes with options for outdoor fun, there’s hardly a better choice on the map than Quechee, Vermont. As lovely in the fall when the leaves change colors as it is in the winter when the ski slopes open up, Quechee is well known and loved as a year-round New England destination.
While many visitors make their way here in the summer to enjoy time exploring the scenic Quechee Gorge, those that head this way in the spring will find options to bike and hike their way to adventure seemingly endless. Between the covered bridges and inspiring trails, Quechee is a place where it’s easy to get lost in the natural wonders you’ve discovered. That said, it’s also a place that speaks to delicious and upscale dining options in Quechee VT restaurants.
There’s no better way to end a day of outdoor fun than dressing your best and heading out to make the most of a sophisticated meal. If the venue comes with a view—even better! No matter what your taste preferences may be, when you’re looking for a sophisticated eatery near Quechee, there are plenty of options to choose from. The following are just a few of the many options to add to the itinerary when you’re hoping to make the most of a mouthwatering moment during your travels.

Simon Pearce

When you’re in the mood for a beautiful dining destination that promises to be as savory as it is an engaging experience, then be sure to make a reservation at Simon Pearce. This well-loved restaurant is located in the heart of the Village of Quechee at 1760 Quechee Main Street.
While the menu offered up to guests at Simon Pearce is bound to satisfy, what makes this stop so unique is its historic location. The restaurant is located within a 19thcentury mill that’s been fully restored and remains a functional place to visit and enjoy activities like glass blowing in the heart of downtown to this day! Guests who make a reservation at Simon Pearce enjoy the added benefit of waterfall views as the restaurant overlooks the area dam and a nearby covered bridge as well.
Simon Pearce is currently open Wednesdays through Sundays for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s dim lighting, rustic charm, and cloth-covered approach to dining have long made it one of the most notoriously romantic culinary stops in all of Quechee. The kitchen is led by Executive Chef Jeremy Conaway and along with his team, guests are endlessly impressed by the upscale menu this destination offers. Crispy duck confit and regatta gnocchi are just a few of the savory appetizers available for the enjoying while Vermont Cheddar soup is always a delight as well. Those in the mood for a robust main course will want to try the cider brined pork chop while it’s hard to go wrong with crusted cod or braised short rib. Of course, you won’t want to leave before trying the chocolate mousse for dessert. Simon Pearce offers guests just the right red, white, or sparkling pairings from their extensive wine listing as well.

The Prince and Pauper

If you’re on the hunt for an elegant, yet still delightfully relaxed setting to enjoy an upscale meal, then The Prince and Pauper is sure to please. This restaurant is located a convenient 10-minute drive from central Quechee within the Village of Woodstock. Situated at 24 Elm Street, The Prince and Pauper is open to the dining public daily between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm for dinner service. Reservations are required to enjoy the menu selections which feature a variety of dishes that speak to global-inspired fare.
Cloth-covered tables, floral arrangements, and candles can be expected when you book a meal at The Prince and Pauper. Exposed wooden beams throughout the interior paired with a deep red aesthetic provide for a warm and welcoming ambiance. Guests can select their savory preferences off of a fixed price menu featuring everything from country pate and house-smoked salmon to filet mignon and magret of duck. It’s highly recommended that guests try the handcrafted cocktails and dessert selections served up at The Prince and Pauperas well!

The Red Rooster

Situated at 14 The Green within the Village of Woodstock at the Woodstock Inn, The Red Rooster is a one-of-a-kind upscale dining stop that promises to satisfy! A chic New England aesthetic is achieved at The Red Rooster which is a great place to indulge your taste buds will classic American dishes while surrounded by candlelight, elegant color palettes, and the comfort of a cloth-covered table and friendly service. The Red Rooster is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and inner between 8:00 am and 8:30 pm but reservations for each seating option are required.
The menu at The Red Rooster features everything from wild mushroom chowder and filet of beef to a rack of lamb and seared scallops. The harvest vegetable bowl is ideal for the dining vegetarian while dessert options like caramel walnut trifle speak to everyone with a sweet tooth to satisfy.

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