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From its charming covered bridges and mountainous terrain to the lush rolling hills and close proximity to Woodstock, Vermont and Hanover, New Hampshire, as well as two major skiing areas in Okemo and Killington, Quechee, Vermont is one-of-a-kind. In so many ways, it’s the quintessential getaway destination for those craving equal parts intriguing activities and fun! While it’s a place that’s perfectly suited to solo travelers and couples excited to make the most of a romantic escape, it’s just as inviting for those planning a trip that offers up quality time with friends and family.

No matter what it is that brings you to Quechee, it’s hard to overlook the fact that this stop is an outdoor lover’s dream. The sheer versatility of options when it comes to immersing yourself in the beauty of nature can turn even the most amateur explorer into an enthusiastic adventurer! While there are plenty of local stops to choose from when you want to maximize time in the great outdoors, those looking to get an authentic feel for Quechee’s landscape and a comprehensive view of the outdoor options for thrills waiting for them will want to make sure to spend some quality time at Quechee State Park while they’re in town.

Planning a Visit to Quechee State Park

The entrance to Quechee State Park is located along US Route 4 at 5800 Woodstock Road. Quechee State Park is open daily between May and October between the hours of 10:00 am and sunset—giving visitors plenty of time to explore and enjoy their spacious and scenic surroundings. Pets are permitted throughout the park which is often a thrill to those who make their way this direction with canine companions in tow, hoping to spend quality time with well-loved four-legged friends as well! If you happen to be headed to Quechee State Park to settle around a campfire with s’mores, do be sure to note that firewood will not be permitted through the entrance unless it’s clearly labeled as heat-treated.

What to Enjoy While You’re Here

Thousands of visitors take time to unwind, explore, and enjoy the beauty and fun offered up within the parameters of Quechee State Park each and every year. Stepping inside, it’s not hard to see why. This sprawling state park spans many of the preferred upper-valley attractions visitors love, and pairs it all with a touch of spectacular scenery that’s hard to overlook. Perhaps the most iconic natural landmark within the park is the Quechee Valley Gorge itself! This impressive rift hosts the Ottauquechee River that runs seamlessly through and makes for a spectacular place to fish, swim, explore, or simply admire from above. Not to worry, there’s plenty of space to find that ideal vantage point. The Quechee Gorge is 165-feet deep and if you can’t find your footing on its edges, there’s a large bridge that sprawls across the expanse to try out as well. It’s thought that the gorge was formed nearly 13,000 years ago as glaciers sliced through the landscape. The effects are still riveting for visitors today.

Many visitors to Quechee State Park lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails to get a closer look at the gorge, but there are other options for fun in the area as well. If you’re up for a truly unique alfresco meal, the gorge hosts a picnic area where visitors can savor a bite that’s best paired with one of the best views around. The park also hosts a large play area for those that are visiting with little ones.

Biking and exploring are popular activities in Quechee State Park while bird watching is a wonderful opportunity thanks to the forested surroundings. Quechee State Park hosts a designated camping area as well equipped with 45 RV and tent sites paired with restrooms, hot and cold showers, and coin-operated showers as an added convenience.

Spending time on the sand, going for a swim, and soaking up the sun are options at Quechee State Park, but for those interested in learning more about their surroundings, scheduling time with a park interpreter is a must. Quechee State Park employs dedicated staff who are on-hand to help guests learn more about the natural history of the park upon request. Before your visit, be sure to check the events calendar as Quechee State Park hosts a lineup of interactive park interpreter-led options including nature crafts, games for kids, night hikes, and campfires just to name a few.

Book a Stay in Quechee Today

No matter how you plan on spending your vacation in Quechee, when you’re looking to book accommodations that keep you comfortable, living luxuriously, and close to the fun, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations is here to help! Our portfolio of property options is vast, catering to traveler interests of all types. Reach out today to learn more and to get started planning your next exciting trip!

As far as vacation destinations go, Quechee is one of the most alluring locales visitors can find in the state of Vermont. It’s a place that has long called to travelers from across the country who simply can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Between the rolling hills, mountains, forested terrain, and sweeping views, Quechee serves up a dynamic landscape that offers a unique sense of tranquility too. It’s just the right choice for those who have a passion for getting into nature and learning more about the plants and wildlife that inhabit the ecosystems they’ve come to enjoy.

Quechee is a great place to savor flavors, check out amazing historical landmarks and explore exciting surrounding communities when you have leisurely time to spare. That said, there’s really no better way to get in touch with nature than by lacing up your hiking boots and hitting one or many trails that maze their way through this area. Whether you’re new to hiking or have long been trekking your way through vacations, the trails that are found in this area are easy to customize to preference and skill level. Feel free to hit the trails solo or alongside family depending on what your getaway plans entail. Either way, you’ll be seeing Quechee through a scenic lens and the adventure is one that will likely bring you back to this place time and again. The following are just a few of the many tips for hiking near Quechee VT.

Quechee Gorge State Park Trails

Of all the natural landmarks that make their home in Quechee, the Gorge is perhaps the most iconic. This inspiring formation is thrilling and beautiful, making it one of the most explored and likely photographed stops in the area too. Fortunately for those who love to discover new destinations, it comes complete with access and hiking trails at varying levels that make getting down to water level an adventure worth taking. The gorge sits within the greater Quechee Gorge State Park and offers options to take more defined paths if you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or more rugged routes when you’re on the hunt for a less-traveled experience. Either way, trails through this area offer up some amazing views and plenty of places to stop and take it all in without any hustle or bustle. While the midday hours may see more people on the trails, those that head this way in the early morning might also enjoying watching the sun come up and silhouette the bridge that spans the expanse.

Vermont Institute of Natural Science

If you happen to be in town with family members in tow, taking time to hike the trails that are accessible from the welcoming Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a good starting point. Located at 149 Natures Way, this experiential learning center is a place where you can enjoy scheduled educational programs that introduce visitors to the wildlife that call Quechee and the surrounding terrain home. An elevated boardwalk with a lush canopy provides for a rather gentle hiking experience where the focus would be on stopping and keeping your eye on the sky for varying winged species overhead. That said, the center also provides direct access to a number of more challenging trails for those looking to expand their experience throughout an afternoon. When it comes to comprehensive hiking near Quechee VT, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science is an upper valley favorite not to be missed.

Appalachian Trail

For the advanced hiker headed to Quechee who is dedicated to focused and prepared outdoor adventure, there’s nothing quite like linking up with the infamous Appalachian Trail from nearby Woodstock. Those who dare to take on this pathway that’s made a name for itself due to its unforgiving terrain must be in top physical condition if the intent is to cover a significant portion of it in any way. Many hikers that set their sights on the Appalachian Trail make it a day journey covering one to three miles at a time. This is a good way to start when you’re looking to take your place in the historic hike lineup. Others choose to follow the trail from Vermont up to Maine which requires even more planning and preparation and is often times done alongside a guide. The 1.5-mile trek starting in Woodstock off of Route 12 gives hikers a chance to experience Dana Hill and the sweeping views associated with this stop.

Adventure Awaits

Coming to Quechee to make the most of fun, scenic beauty, and adventure is always a good idea. When you’re ready to turn plans into a vacation reservation, let the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations get you settled in just the right rental for your stay. Contact us today to learn more!

Travelers that entertain longings to continuously explore new destinations will often find that early summer is just the right time to pack their bags and hit the road or skies in pursuit of adventure. This time of year is tantalizingly mild in many places across the nation, and that includes Quechee, Vermont. The mountainous terrain and many waterways that wind their way through the landscape contribute to this being the ideal moment to make the most of a trip in this direction. Whether you’re someone who prefers to spend time indoors or can’t wait to savor every second in the fresh air, there are so many places to explore and things to do in Quechee that are sure to inspire you!

Rent a Bike and Hit the Trails

Before mid-summer heat sets in, early summer in Quechee is a great time to rent a bike and hit one or more of the many trails that are loved in this area. We are proud to work with Hanover Adventure Tours, who can provide you with E-bike rentals and even deliver straight to your rental property! The Village of Woodstock and White River Junction are just a short ride away by E-bike and make for great spots to explore.

The Quechee Club is particularly notorious for its maze of trails that are designed for exploration. If you’re looking to take your adventure from a few hours and extend it through the day, consider starting on one of the trails that link Quechee to nearby Woodstock and make even more of the fun! Most of the bike trails in this region are dual-purpose and shared between cyclists, walkers, and runners. In many cases, dogs are more than welcome on the trails as well as long as they remain leashed.

In the event your early summer adventure comes with some unexpected rainfall making terrain less than ideal, biking is still an option! The Woodstock Nordic Center is proud to provide guests with fat bike rentals that are designed for tricky terrain and can help you get signed up with a guided tour if you could use a bit of direction along the way.

Explore the Gorge

When capturing scenic views and making the most of amazing outdoor moments top your list of must-try adventure in Quechee, time at the iconic Quechee Gorge is sure to be a highlight of your trip. This natural landmark is pursued by visitors from near and far thanks to its impressive dimensions and sweeping vistas offered up freely. The Quechee Gorge sits along U.S. Route 4 and holds the title as the deepest gorge in the entire state of Vermont. At 165 feet deep, it’s an ever-popular attraction for those with hiking boots laced tight and cameras in hand!

There are trails that run along both sides of the gorge, offering plenty of options when it comes to customizing your trip this way. There are even routes that lead down into the gorge, putting you up close to the waters that run below. If you do make it down to the water, views of the bridge spanning the expanse are always inspiring. Set aside an afternoon if your exploration takes you in and around the gorge as you won’t want to miss the sights earned from a variety of angles and trails.

Visit the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

If you’re looking forward to visiting Quechee but want options for activities that take you between the indoors and outside, a stop at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science is a great choice. This nature and research center is open every day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm making it easy to fit into any itinerary. A visit here is an opportunity to get up close to local creatures and habitats that make this area so special. From raptor encounters to strolls along the Forest Canopy Walk, guests will make their way through indoor and outdoor exhibits that highlight the efforts being made to preserve nature’s best work. At this time, tickets are being requested to be purchased in advance in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines that benefit all guests.

Billings Farm and Museum

If history is more your thing, an early summer visit to nearby Billing Farm and Museum in Woodstock is sure to thrill. This working farm and museum brings the past to life through hands-on exhibits and demonstrations that span agriculture through the decades. The Billings Farm and Museum is currently open on Fridays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Established in 1871, the Billings Farm and Museum is a testament to this region’s rural past and an insightful stop for those looking to see how farming technology has progressed as well. Don’t forget to swing by the gift shop and pick up apparel or cheese produced right on-site!

Book Your Quechee Getaway Today

No matter what time of year you plan a visit, Quechee is worth exploring for yourself! When your early summer plans have you headed this way, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations is here to make sure you’re settled in just the right vacation rental. Reach out today to learn more and to start planning!

Green mountains, covered bridges, and seemingly endless natural beauty are just a few of the defining factors that make up the travel destination known and loved as Quechee, Vermont. Those lucky enough to make this locale their scenic escape will find that it’s a beautiful and inviting place to enjoy no matter what time of year you arrive.

The hiking and biking opportunities are irresistible for those that love to hit the trails and explore. Visitors that prefer to take things off the beaten path will find that time spent discovering the many fantastic features of the Quechee Gorge is an activity that draws them back to this area time and again. When the snow falls in the winter, Quechee provides downhill enthusiasts with plenty of options for fun. Whether you choose to hit the slopes directly in town or make your way to nearby mountains is up to you—but wherever you go, it’s bound to be thrilling.

While summer in Quechee provides a perfect chance to explore the historic downtown and check out the many restaurants that dot the landscape too, spring is the ultimate season to plan a getaway this direction that revolves around fishing! Angling enthusiasts will find that the lush terrain that makes up the vast majority of Quechee is ideal for casting a line and seeing what’s biting. Yes, you can take things at your own pace in Quechee, but when it comes to planning a spring fishing adventure—it’s ok to prepare for the excitement too!

Trout Fishing in Quechee State Park

When trout tops your list of must-catch species of the day, heading over to Quechee State Park is a good place to start. Situated at 5800 Woodstock Road, Quechee State Park is managed by the Vermont Department of Forests, Park, and Recreation and is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It’s a sprawling state park complete with cascades, forested terrain, and is home to the Quechee Gorge. It’s also where you can easily access the Ottaquechee River. Within the river waters, trout thrive making its banks just the right place to settle in for the day, enjoy peaceful surroundings and wait for the next bite. Quechee State Park is open from 10:00 am until sunset, giving you plenty of time to plan out your perfect day of fishing.

Fish the Day Away at Lake Pinneo

Integrated as part of the iconic Quechee Club, Lake Pinneo is another pristine spot to enjoy a day of fishing fun when you’re in Quechee this spring. Just about a 3-minute drive from Quechee’s center, Lake Pinneo is known for its convenient location, scenic surroundings, and waters that house both largemouth bass and Skamania trout in abundance. Feel free to cast your line from the banks or make your way towards deeper waters by renting a kayak or canoe and fishing from further offshore. No matter what your style may be, Lake Pinneo is a comprehensive fishing stop that you won’t want to leave off of your list this spring.

Learn Something New at The Vermont Fly Fishing School

Sometimes the idea of a Quechee, Vermont fishing trip sounds exciting, but you don’t necessarily have the skills yet in place to feel comfortable hitting the water solo. If this is the case, the team at The Vermont Fly Fishing School can help. Book time with an expert guide who is dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of fly fishing along some of the area’s most bountiful waters. All of the gear you’ll need to make it an amazing day is included in the price and if you could use more instruction when your session is up, it’s just as easy to book another class the next day! Guides with The Vermont Fly Fishing School are knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to lend a hand whether you need a refresher course or are starting your fishing adventures from scratch.

Gear Up at Steve’s Bait Shop

For the more experienced angler getting ready to head out and have an amazing spring fishing adventure, a stop at Steve’s Bait Shop in White River Junction is a must. This is a one-stop resource for everything you’ll need out on the water. From fishing maps and lines to bait, tackle, and apparel, you’ll find that you can get out on the water with confidence, knowing everything you need is in hand.

Book Your Quechee, Vermont Fishing Adventure Today

Spring is nearly here and there’s no better time to start planning your fun fishing getaway than now! Reach out to Carefree Quechee Vacations when you need accommodations that keep you close to those places you can’t wait to explore while also providing the luxury, comfort, and convenience you deserve. Our team is here to make sure every guest enjoys an unforgettable stay in Quechee. We can’t wait to see you in beautiful Vermont soon!

It’s normal for life to get busy and for daily responsibilities to add up quickly. Amidst all the hustle and bustle that life demands, making time to plan a date night with the one you love most is more important than ever. Making date night count comes down to booking activities and excursions that are interesting for both people and maybe even give couples a chance to try something new together! If you happen to be in the Quechee area next time date night rolls around, there are plenty of options for fun and excitement to be enjoyed hand-in-hand. The following are just a few to add to your list of Quechee VT things to do when date night is needed and you’re excited to spend time with your sweetheart.

Go to the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center

If you’re a couple that thrives on adventure and nothing means more than experiencing the thrill of a challenge together, then you’ll want to be sure to book time at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center for your next Quechee date night. The Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center is currently taking reservations for private-bookings, making the experience that much more intimate! Located at 223 Woodstock Avenue in Rutland, the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center is a premier climbing facility in the area that caters to amateur climbers and experienced visitors alike. 8,000 square feet of indoor climbing space is yours for enjoying on date night complete with 30 top roping stations and walls that tower 25 feet into the air! The experienced on-site staff is more than willing to help get you acquainted with the climbing process and will push you to new heights if you and your partner are ready to elevate your date night experience.

Check Out the Skunk Hollow Tavern

When delicious dining, live music, and fun that lasts into the early morning hours is more your date night style, then time spent at Skunk Hollow Tavern is sure to please! Situated in nearby Hartland Four Corners, this inviting establishment is a great place to settle into a stylish upstairs dining room and enjoy menu selections like fettucini alfredo, fish and chips, soup of the day, or mouthwatering burgers.

In the event your date night falls within a timeframe where Skunk Hollow Tavern is following enhanced health and safety protocols, take-away options are still available Wednesdays through Sundays from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm. What could be more romantic than grabbing dinner to go and enjoying it together in the comfort of a stylish vacation rental built for two?

Book A Spa Experience

Begin date night on a relaxing note by booking a couple’s massage at Quechee’s very own Strong House Spa. This experience is a refreshing way to reset before you head off to enjoy a romantic dinner and night out. Strong House Spa also offers facial and skin treatment services when you’re looking to make the most of your restorative time together. Strong House Spa is open daily between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm so be sure to book in advance so you can get your evening appointment in with ease.

Enjoy a Class at Tip Top Pottery

Sometimes, a little artistic expression is the best thing to indulge during your date night and when you’re a couple that loves to create, making the most of a class at Tip Top Pottery is a great option! Located in White River Junction, Tip Top Pottery is a place where couples can come and pick out a piece of ceramic pottery to glaze, stamp, or stencil until their hearts are content! Let your partner inspire your artistic flow and when you’re done, you’ll have a great souvenir to remember your date night by.

Try an Odyssey Events Cooking Class

There’s nothing more romantic than taking time to cook together, especially when the savory rewards are as engaging as the culinary class you’ve signed up to enjoy together! While Odyssey Events in nearby Bridgewater is generally known for their event planning services, they also provide couples and groups with options to book cooking classes that are hands-on and always exciting. If you and your loved one bond best over a delicious meal, take things a step further and learn to create the magic in the kitchen on your very own! A master chef guides you through the process of creating a delectable meal, and when it’s complete, you’ll treat yourself to a savory moment.

Book Your Quechee Getaway Today

When you’re ready to experience the best of date night in Quechee–or just need to get out of town and enjoy some time away where scenery and charm lead the way to fun, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of vacation rentals available in the area and how we can help you get settled into a vacation that’s bound to be unforgettable.

As far as vacation destinations go that feature inviting terrain designed by nature to be irresistible to the outdoor adventurer, Quechee, Vermontranks high on the list. Between the spectacular Quechee Gorge, lush forests, and surrounding rolling hills, it’s not hard to see why those that love the great outdoors are drawn in this direction.

For all of its natural appeal, Quechee is a place that also seamlessly accommodates those travelers with luxury on their minds. Exclusive stops, private tours, and accommodations that incorporate upscale amenities help visitors feel pampered from the moment they arrive! The following are things to do in Quechee VT you’ll want to add to the itinerary when you can’t wait to make the most of every luxurious moment available.

Shop at the Quechee Gorge Village

When shopping tops your list of luxurious things to do in Quechee VT, then the Quechee Gorge Village is the place to be. This comprehensive destination provides access to some of the best area stores featuring one-of-a-kind items and boutique-style that’s sure to inspire. From jewelry and apparel to metalworks and antiques, visitors can spend an entire day hopping between storefronts and enjoying the unique finds they come across along the way. Recommendations include the Cabot cheese shop—the largest cheese brand in Vermont—as well as Vermont Spirits Distilling Company and many more!

Dine at Simon Pearce

When an upscale, flavorful moment is top of mind, dining at Simon Pearce during your Quechee journey is bound to please. Simon Pearce is located at 1760 Quechee Main Street and is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 am until 9:00 pm. Situated within the parameters of a restored mill dating back to the 19thcentury, this restaurant offers up savory American cuisine and pairs it with a beautiful waterfall view. History and savory moments collide at this eatery, making it a must when you’re in town.

Visit Strong House Spa

While exploring Quechee is exciting and indulging your tastebuds at inviting restaurants is inspiring when it comes to planning a luxurious getaway, there’s nothing better than booking a spa day. Strong House Spa located at 694 Quechee Main Street is conveniently open between 10:00 am 6:00 pm every day of the week! Strong House Spa offers guests a wide variety of comprehensive treatments and services to choose from. Book a session that includes water body treatments, massage, facials, and even salon services just to name a few. No matter what combination of delightful options you choose, you’re sure to walk out looking your best and feeling entirely refreshed.

Book a Custom Itinerary with InjoyVermont

It’s easy to equate sightseeing with crowded buses brimming over with tourists, but when you’re planning a luxury getaway to Quechee and want to see the best of it all, there’s no need to hassle with this more traditional model. Instead, consider booking a private, customized tour of Quechee and the beautiful surrounding communities with InjoyVermont. Rather than spend your time navigating various travel sites trying to find the “must-see attractions” in the area, connect with InjoyVermont’s passionate concierges to craft your own personal experience. What sets Injoy apart from other tour companies in the area is its commitment to curating the perfect vacation experience. Simply complete a short Personal Travel Profile on their website, and one of their talented concierges will be in touch to help you craft a customized itinerary perfectly suited to your interests!

Enjoy Elevated Rental Features

When you’re done sightseeing, knowing you have luxurious accommodations waiting for you is a relief. Expect the best when you book with Carefree Quechee Vacations where we prioritize a personalized experience at every turn. Many of our Quechee rentals include stunning views enjoying through large floor-to-ceiling windows a well as access to pools and hot tubs paired with towering stone fireplaces. Looking for more? Simply ask! We’re here to help guests enjoy a luxurious stay without having to worry about a thing.

Book a Quechee Ballooning Adventure

If you see luxury and exclusivity as going hand in hand, booking a sky-high excursion with Quechee Balloon Rides, LLC is a must. There’s nothing more exclusive than a bird’s eye view on Quechee’s one-of-a-kind terrain. The team at Quechee Balloon Rides is a premier provider of these unforgettable adventures that typically depart at sunrise so you can make the most of your unique vantage point. Bring your camera and get ready for the trip of a lifetime as your guide points out amazing vistas along the way.

Make the Most of Your Adventure

Whether you have your travel sights set on Quechee for the luxury, outdoor adventure, or perhaps a little bit of it all, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations can help elevate the experience from start to finish. Reach out today to learn more about our many property options in the area and how we can help you turn your travel plans into an exciting reality! We can’t wait to welcome you to Vermont soon.

For travelers that are looking to pair impeccable landscapes with options for outdoor fun, there’s hardly a better choice on the map than Quechee, Vermont. As lovely in the fall when the leaves change colors as it is in the winter when the ski slopes open up, Quechee is well known and loved as a year-round New England destination.
While many visitors make their way here in the summer to enjoy time exploring the scenic Quechee Gorge, those that head this way in the spring will find options to bike and hike their way to adventure seemingly endless. Between the covered bridges and inspiring trails, Quechee is a place where it’s easy to get lost in the natural wonders you’ve discovered. That said, it’s also a place that speaks to delicious and upscale dining options in Quechee VT restaurants.
There’s no better way to end a day of outdoor fun than dressing your best and heading out to make the most of a sophisticated meal. If the venue comes with a view—even better! No matter what your taste preferences may be, when you’re looking for a sophisticated eatery near Quechee, there are plenty of options to choose from. The following are just a few of the many options to add to the itinerary when you’re hoping to make the most of a mouthwatering moment during your travels.

Simon Pearce

When you’re in the mood for a beautiful dining destination that promises to be as savory as it is an engaging experience, then be sure to make a reservation at Simon Pearce. This well-loved restaurant is located in the heart of the Village of Quechee at 1760 Quechee Main Street.
While the menu offered up to guests at Simon Pearce is bound to satisfy, what makes this stop so unique is its historic location. The restaurant is located within a 19thcentury mill that’s been fully restored and remains a functional place to visit and enjoy activities like glass blowing in the heart of downtown to this day! Guests who make a reservation at Simon Pearce enjoy the added benefit of waterfall views as the restaurant overlooks the area dam and a nearby covered bridge as well.
Simon Pearce is currently open Wednesdays through Sundays for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s dim lighting, rustic charm, and cloth-covered approach to dining have long made it one of the most notoriously romantic culinary stops in all of Quechee. The kitchen is led by Executive Chef Jeremy Conaway and along with his team, guests are endlessly impressed by the upscale menu this destination offers. Crispy duck confit and regatta gnocchi are just a few of the savory appetizers available for the enjoying while Vermont Cheddar soup is always a delight as well. Those in the mood for a robust main course will want to try the cider brined pork chop while it’s hard to go wrong with crusted cod or braised short rib. Of course, you won’t want to leave before trying the chocolate mousse for dessert. Simon Pearce offers guests just the right red, white, or sparkling pairings from their extensive wine listing as well.

The Prince and Pauper

If you’re on the hunt for an elegant, yet still delightfully relaxed setting to enjoy an upscale meal, then The Prince and Pauper is sure to please. This restaurant is located a convenient 10-minute drive from central Quechee within the Village of Woodstock. Situated at 24 Elm Street, The Prince and Pauper is open to the dining public daily between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm for dinner service. Reservations are required to enjoy the menu selections which feature a variety of dishes that speak to global-inspired fare.
Cloth-covered tables, floral arrangements, and candles can be expected when you book a meal at The Prince and Pauper. Exposed wooden beams throughout the interior paired with a deep red aesthetic provide for a warm and welcoming ambiance. Guests can select their savory preferences off of a fixed price menu featuring everything from country pate and house-smoked salmon to filet mignon and magret of duck. It’s highly recommended that guests try the handcrafted cocktails and dessert selections served up at The Prince and Pauperas well!

The Red Rooster

Situated at 14 The Green within the Village of Woodstock at the Woodstock Inn, The Red Rooster is a one-of-a-kind upscale dining stop that promises to satisfy! A chic New England aesthetic is achieved at The Red Rooster which is a great place to indulge your taste buds will classic American dishes while surrounded by candlelight, elegant color palettes, and the comfort of a cloth-covered table and friendly service. The Red Rooster is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and inner between 8:00 am and 8:30 pm but reservations for each seating option are required.
The menu at The Red Rooster features everything from wild mushroom chowder and filet of beef to a rack of lamb and seared scallops. The harvest vegetable bowl is ideal for the dining vegetarian while dessert options like caramel walnut trifle speak to everyone with a sweet tooth to satisfy.

Book Your Stay and Visit Quechee VT Restaurants

When you’re in town for the fantastic flavor and fun, be sure to book accommodations that match! Contact Carefree Quechee Vacations today to get settled into a rental that brings elegance, comfort, and convenience in equal measure. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Quechee, Vermont is a charming and scenic destination to explore any time of year, but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s no place more romantic to enjoy with your loved one. This year, elevate the romantic experience by making plans to travel this way and enjoy the best of Quechee sights and flavors hand-in-hand! The following are just a few options of the many in Quechee to be sure to add to your Valentine’s Day itinerary. Be sure to explore the best things to do in Quechee!

Hike the Quechee Gorge

For couples that find their romantic stride with hiking boots laced up, ready to hit the trails, there’s no destination in Quechee quite like the Quechee Gorge. Known and loved as one of the most iconic natural landmarks this scenic destination hosts, couples that crave outdoor adventure will find plenty of reasons to bundle up, make their way down the gorge and enjoy spectacular and romantic February views. Bring your camera and your binoculars if you also enjoy bird watching as this lush landscape is the place to enjoy it all!

Tour the Quechee Historic Mill District

If history is what gets your heart beating this Valentine’s Day, a tour of the Quechee Historic Mill District hand-in-hand with the one you love most is bound to please. Added to the National Register of historic places in 1997, this area of Quechee is a good place to get a look at the architecture and vibe of what was once exclusively a mill town. As you stroll between Main Street, Quechee West Hartford Road, and Old Quechee Road, you’ll become a part of a place that first found its roots in 1760 and was a thriving industrial center all the way through the late 19th-century.

Make Your Way to Mount Tom

When stunning views are the epitome of a romantic escape, then you’ll want to travel to nearby Woodstock for a trek up to Mount Tom. This accessible summit stands at an elevation of only 1,357 feet, but provides sweeping views of the Vermont landscape that are truly breathtaking. Mount Tom is an integral part of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park so if you have time to spare, there are always additional options for fun waiting in the way of running, hiking, or skiing depending on your luck with snowfall this year.

Visit the Quechee Covered Bridge

Perhaps there’s nothing that embodies the idea of Vermont charm more than the Quechee covered bridge. A visit here makes for an ultra-romantic Valentine’s day stop and photo opportunity. The Quechee covered bridge is located on Waterman Hill Road at the intersection of Main Street and Route 4. Fully restored and rebuilt in 2011, the Quechee covered bridge stretches 85-feet long and is a two-way pedestrian bridge making it simple to stroll along and admire the dam and waterfall that run below. If you’re up for making it more of a romantic bridges tour, then consider traveling out of Quechee as a follow-up and making your way towards the Middle covered bridge in Woodstock or the Taftsville covered bridge—both of which promise to thrill!

Savor the Flavors of Putney Mountain Winery & Spirits

The Vermont landscape has long lent itself to ample fruit production, and so it comes as no surprise that the area is home to some well-loved wineries. If you and your loved one are looking for a place to settle in, enjoy each other’s company, and savor the local wine flavors, then the Putney Mountain Winery is the place to be. Putney Mountain Winery & Spirits has been a flavorful favorite in Quechee since opening in 1998 and the Quechee tasting room is open Friday through Sunday from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. The tasting room is located within the Cabot Cheese Store in Quechee Gorge Village providing visitors with the option to pair plates of delectable cheese with just the right red, white, or sparkling selection! Wines sampled at Putney Mountain Winery lean towards the unexpected with options to try glasses that feature the best of pear, blueberry, and even rhubarb! The on-site staff is ready and waiting to answer questions and make recommendations so you and your loved one can make the most of every savory moment.

Dine at The Mill at Simon Pearce

Situated at 1760 Quechee Main Street, The Mill at Simon Pearce is a fantastic choice when you’re ready to sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner during your Valentine’s Day getaway. Currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm, The Mill at Simon Pearce offers up a delightful menu that’s rivaled only by its mill and waterfall views. Located on the banks of the Ottauquechee River, this restaurant requires a reservation to guarantee your place in the romantic dining room. Whether you go with the Vermont cheddar soup and ricotta gnocchi or enjoy the salmon and whitefish rillettes, your experience here promises to be as inviting as it is palate-pleasing.

Book Today and Find Many Fun Things to Do in Quechee

Whether you’re in town to enjoy a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day or can’t wait to explore Quechee any other time of year, the team at Carefree Quechee Vacations has the accommodations you need to stay close to the fun and enjoy the comfort and luxury you deserve! Contact us today to learn more. Explore our 1-bedroom vacation rentals!

The stresses and responsibilities of life have a way of building up over time. When it’s clear that it’s time to relax and unwind, planning a well-deserved getaway to beautiful and inviting Quechee, Vermont in the winter has a way of renewing the spirit and senses. When the temperatures drop, Quechee comes to life with possibilities for indoor and outdoor adventure. While some will find their getaway stride on the slopes, others will enjoy the scenery by way of snowshoe, snowmobile or simply bundling up and exploring.

While Quechee is known and loved for its many outdoor wonders, it’s also a fantastic place to be when you’re the type of traveler that values savory stops that help you fuel up for the fun ahead. When it comes to palate-pleasing destinations, there’s no shortage to be found in the greater Quechee area. If you’re up for fun that’s best combined with a hot winter Quechee Food, the following casual dining spots are just a few of the many options you’ll want to be sure to add to your must-try list when you’re in town this winter.

The Public House at Quechee Gorge

Situated at 5813 Woodstock Road, The Public House at Quechee Gorge is a casual and welcoming eatery to enjoy everything from American favorite dishes to those with an eclectic twist during your winter getaway to this beautiful destination. The Public House at Quechee Gorge is open to the dining public Monday through Thursday from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm and offers extended hours until 8:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, guests can enjoy the delicious options between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Creative meal selections are a highlight of time spent at The Public House at Quechee Gorge but no matter what you order up, it’s easy to enjoy within the comfortable and friendly confines this restaurant hosts. The Public House offers up a bar and grill ambiance paired with friendly service and options to dine indoors or outside upon request.

Those looking to dine at The Public House at Quechee Gorge who prefer to dine inside will want to be sure to make a reservation in advance by calling 802-295-8500. Reservations are allowing the team at The Public House to maintain social distancing standards and create a safe and comfortable dining experience for everyone. In addition to on-site dining, The Public House at Quechee Gorge provides take away options for those who are looking to savor the flavors but more from the comfort of their own vacation rental.

When it comes to menu options, the Public House has a selection that’s vast and varied. Guests can pick and choose between options that range from chicken schnitzel or lobster mac-n-cheese to pesto pasta and BBQ ribs. The Public House has a wide variety of whiskeys on hand as well as wine, beer, and handcrafted cocktails that are sure to please. Be sure not to leave without making dessert a priority. This destination offers up everything from chocolate cheesecake to smores fondue.

Pizza Chef of Quechee Food Delicacy

Sometimes, the best way to warm up in the cold of winter is by setting your culinary sights on a destination that knows how to serve up just the right slice of sizzling hot pizza. When you’re a Quechee visitors who could really go for some piled-high toppings in a friendly setting, then a meal at Pizza Chef of Quechee is bound to please this winter!

Pizza Chef of Quechee is located at 5893 Woodstock Road in White River Junction and is currently offering take out options to keep guests safe and still satisfied! Pizza Chef at Quechee serves up delicious pizza between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm daily with extended hours available on Fridays and Saturdays until 9:00 pm.

Begin your culinary experience with Pizza Chef of Quechee by ordering up some mouthwatering appetizers that include everything from onion rings and mozzarella sticks to sweet potato fries and garlic bread. In addition to a wide variety of pizza options, this location serves up salads, sandwiches, and savory pasta options including eggplant parmesan, spaghetti, and lasagna. Those that adhere to dietary restrictions will be thrilled to find that they can easily order up gluten-free pizza options upon request. No matter what pizza you select, it can always be paired with just the right craft beer selection to put this palate-pleasing adventure over the top.

A Quechee Getaway to Remember

Whether you’re in town for the flavor, fun, or the best of it all, a stay in Quechee is never more incredible than when you book your vacation rental with Carefree Quechee Vacations. Our team of experts is on-hand to help guests settle into accommodations that keep them close to the fun while providing the comfort, style, and luxury they deserve! Contact us today to learn more and to begin planning your next Vermont-bound adventure.

In years past, families across the United States have looked forward to the Thanksgiving holiday without reserve. Whether your family is one that does a giant dinner gathered around a traditional table or makes the most of post-dinner football—it’s a holiday that’s well-known and loved for bringing people together. The end of November is that special time of year when loved ones that live far away hop in cars and on planes to redirect towards home in the name of the holidays. Previously, Thanksgiving was all about gratitude and get-togethers. In 2020, it’s safe to say that it looks a little different.

In light of the global pandemic, families that once assumed Thanksgiving was a given, are now looking at new routes to celebrate that keep safety and health top of mind. What do you do when it’s not the most responsible choice to have everyone fly in and stay in your home together? The answer might be simpler than it seems. This year, consider booking a holiday away in Quechee, Vermont instead! A Quechee vacation is a great way to bring everyone together in a setting that offers up much in the way of outdoor fun while providing options for individual housing in the area that still keeps loved ones close.

Why Quechee is a Great Holiday Choice

Settled into the scenic Vermont landscape, Quechee is a charming and welcoming locale that’s ideal for a Thanksgiving holiday away. Much of the appeal of Quechee lies in activities that can be enjoyed outdoors—making it simple to social distance during your stay while still savoring the sights and sounds that give this space a quaint ambiance. Quechee is a popular destination amongst those with a passion for downhill adventures, which might be exactly what your traveling group needs to keep their minds off the stresses 2020 has delivered. Whether you’re enjoying holiday time on the slopes, making the most of snowshoeing through the mountains, or taking time savor a holiday sleigh ride, Quechee offers up plenty of versatile options for fun that everyone will enjoy! From a bundled up trek through the Quechee Gorge to stops at covered bridges that provide incredible opportunities for photographers, Quechee makes it simple to customize your holiday away to style and preference standards.

Consider Take-Away Meal Options

When you’re just not in the mood to deal with cooking up a huge meal for everyone in your traveling crew, consider some local takeaway options offered up this holiday season. Going this route allows you to skip the risks associated with large dining rooms while enjoying a hassle-free and inevitably savory meal anyway enjoyed in the comfort of your vacation rental! Woodstock Farmers Market is settled off of Woodstock Road and is currently accepting orders for Thanksgiving. Place your order online for a full meal with roasted turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes and more! For a more indulgent and upscale Thanksgiving dinner experience, considering calling in a meal from Simon Pierce which is located on Main Street within a restored mill on the river.

Book a Quechee Vacation with Holiday Style in Mind

For those Quechee holiday away travelers that can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without a traditional spread, booking into a vacation rental with a full kitchen is key to a savory experience. Guests who book with Carefree Quechee Vacations will find that whether they’ve reserved their place in a cozy abode or a sprawling residence, the full kitchen provides plenty of space to cook up all those ingredients that have long defined your traditional home-bound holiday. Guests are free to mix and mingle in a safe bubble of proximity while spacious dining rooms provide just the right scene to enjoy the meal together when everything is ready to go. Many of our rentals offer up a wonderful collection of both tasteful and ultra-comfortable furnishings. This makes it simple to settle in after the big meal and enjoy post-dinner conversation or watch the game on a large flat-screen television.

If the weather is right, make even more of fresh-air holiday moments during your stay by taking advantage of access to private balconies, patios, and decks depending on the property you select for your stay. When it’s time to rest up after an amazing Quechee Thanksgiving adventure, bedrooms are often large and include plush mattresses and ample closet space. Whether you stay together or everyone books their own stay nearby, it’s bound to be an option that takes the stress out of holiday plans while keeping the focus on fun, health, and safety.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Getaway

Whether you’re in town for the holidays or headed this way another time of year, Carefree Quechee Vacations has the home away from home you’ve been searching for. Contact us today to learn more about our many Quechee vacation rentals and services in this area. We can’t wait to welcome you to beautiful Vermont!